Business Hosting

business hosting

Reliable Hosting for Serious Business

Our Singapore based hosting plans strike a balance between cost and reliability, they are designed to
meet the hosting needs of SME, start ups, ecommerce and bloggers. Whether you are launching
your idea or just start a new venture, we have your IT needs fully covered.

More Features

Huge Disk Space

Up to 4TB Storage, Business cloud hosting provide you the space needed for your expansion

Top Tier Network

Multiple Upstream Network providers give you fast connection to reach your clients

Easy Setup and Management

Award Winning Plesk Control Panel allow you to manage your company IT Setup Easily

Anti Virus & Anti Spam

The trusted Kaspersky and Magic Spam system keep your mail box clean and away from infection

BizHost Startup

BizHost Startup

The perfect web hosting plan for all startups, get you started right away without bothering about the price tag!

  • 20,000MB (20GB) Disk Space
  • 50 Email Accounts, Webmail Included
  • Anti Virus & Anti Spam Included
  • Unmetered High Speed Data Transfer
  • Easy to use Domain Control Panel
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

BizHost Growth

BizHost Advance

BizHost Advance

Time to get ready for expansion oversea! Dedicated IP and Secure SSL connection to protect your business.

  • 160,000MB (160GB) Disk Space
  • 200 Email Accounts, Webmail Inlcuded
  • Anti Virus & Anti Spam Included
  • Unmetered High Speed Data Transfer
  • Dedicated IP Address & SSL 256bits
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


(*)Please get in touch with our Support team if you need any assistant.

Shared Hosting Business Hosting
Hosts a few hundred customers per server Host Only 1 customer per virtual server
Shared Processor, CPU & RAM Specific Resource Allocation for CPU & RAM
Limited shared bandwidth Higher bandwidth limit
Shared IP Dedicated IP
No daily backup Daily and Weekly backup
No Hardware and software monitoring support Hardware and software monitoring 24×7
No Website Protection Website Protection
No Anti Spam and Virus Spam and Virus Protection
Low Priority Support Higher Priority Support
99% Uptime Guarantee 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Do Not Support SSL Support 256 Bits SSL Encryption

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