Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery As-a-Service (DRaaS)

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Veeam High-Speed Recovery High-Speed Recovery
Rapid recovery of what you want, the way you want it
Veeam Data Loss Avoidance Data Loss Avoidance
Low RPOs and streamlined disaster recovery
Veeam Verified Recoverability Verified Recoverability
Guaranteed recovery of every file, application, or virtual server, every time
Veeam Leveraged Data Leveraged Data
Low-risk deployment with a production-like test environment

Cloud-based disaster recovery

By utilizing the cloud, organizations can efficiently replicate their critical environments and streamline disaster recovery and business continuity strategies.

Here are some advantages:

  • Fast, flexible failover of specific VMs , individual file or an entire site
  • Streamlined failback with zero data loss and minimal disruption to users
  • Recovery assurance, including support for replica and failover testing and alternating production between sites
  • Seamless integration with user interfaces, workflows and data collection
Disaster Recovery Plan

How it works

Simply connect to Cosmo DR infrastructure with the credentials that we provided.

Advantages of Cosmo DR services:

  • Meet your company RTOs and RPO objectives with IT outsourcing
  • Pay-As-You-Go Pricing Model to help you save cost
  • Provide you an off-site Backups alternative
  • Peace of Mind!

Why it’s betters

No dependency on third-party software
A “naked” hypervisor is all that’s required. You don’t need to acquire, learn or maintain additional technology – for orchestration, network extension, WAN acceleration, etc. – because everything is available right out of the box.
Easy Implementation
A single port is all that’s needed to securely transmit data over a single port using SSL/TLS. There’s no need to set up and maintain VPN connections or open multiple ports.
Automated network reconfiguration
Eliminates the high cost and headaches of reconfiguring networks for DR testing or full or partial failover. Our network extension appliances preserve communication with and between running VMs regardless of their location.

Reference Materials

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